Author: Colin Flanigan

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“Hey, dude”: Building Company Culture as a Telecommuter

At CoSupport, we’re essentially all telecommuters – we work from desktops and coffee shops in Oregon, Illinois, Wisconsin, California, Texas, and wherever else we happen to be during working hours. And while we all really enjoy working with each other and the camaraderie of using Slack to keep in touch, sometimes it’s a little difficult…
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March 26, 2015 0

A Perfectionist’s Guide to Fighting Perfectionism

Perfectionism is an odd trait. On the surface, it sounds like such a positive thing – who wouldn’t want to be a little obsessive about perfection? Why wouldn’t it be a positive trait to be focused on making sure every element of a thing ends up just right? Unfortunately, perfectionism is usually a pitfall, and almost…
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January 6, 2015 0

Introducing: The Help Club Podcast!

Good conversation is one of the most important elements of customer support. We should know – the CoSupport team really, really loves to talk (see our snapshots from our chats for proof). But conversation isn’t just good for customers or for teams, it’s also probably the best tool we have for learning, innovating, and sharing new ideas.…
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November 17, 2014 0